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Eternights Gameplay Image


PS5      PC   

Genre: Hack n Slash
ESRB Rating: Mature 17+
Players: 1
Release Date: September 21, 2023
Developed By: Sai
Published By: Sai


out of 10.

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Eternights Gameplay

Gameplay Pictures
Eternights​ Gameplay Image #1 Eternights Gameplay Image #2 Eternights Gameplay Image #3

Eternights's Gameplay

A third person RPG, with hack and slash combat. The player must explore areas, and puzzle solving to advance the storyline. In between action sequences are Anime cutscenes, npc interactions with dialogue decisions and environments to explore RPG style. The plot involves the protagonist dating, while concurrently trying to find a cure for a pandemic that has turned humans into monsters. The player can win over different love interest which will result in aiding in combat. Choosing right dialogue options, completing quest and having particular combat strengths will convince certain love interest to join your squad. Each love interest has their own unique abilities to aid in combat. The action scenes has bright and flashy neon colors as the art style. The game also incorporates a calendar element with a deadline to force the player to prioritize missions and dating love interest. Eternights features skill trees and upgrades to improve the player in combat.

Eternights Official Summary

"Eternights is a unique blend of dating and action where players can explore a post- apocalyptic world filled with danger, love, and adventure. Save the world, and find love along the way. One day, something, or someone, has turned humans into dangerous monsters. All that interests them now is violence and power. They are what stand between you, a cure, and the world you want. Most importantly? You’re fighting for more than just your own survival – you are fighting for those you love."

Eternights Commentary

Eternights earns a hype score of 9 out of 10 as the concept of blending dating, with hack n slash RPG elements should provide fun for players. The graphics are high quality and flashy with a cool art style will compliment the gameplay. RPGs is one of video games best genre, however most developers fail to think outside of the traditional RPG box, which is fantasy worlds with magic and monsters. Eternights may be a surprise winner as they attempt to modernize the RPG storyline. Eternights will launch as a Playstation exclusive.

Eternights Cover Art

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