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Hellsweeper VR Gameplay Image

   Hellsweeper VR


Genre: Shooter
ESRB Rating: Mature 17+
Players: 2
Release Date: September 21, 2023
Developed By: Mixed Realm
Published By: Vertigo

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Hellsweeper VR Gameplay

Gameplay Pictures
Hellsweeper VR​ Gameplay Image #1 Hellsweeper VR Gameplay Image #2 Hellsweeper VR Gameplay Image #3

Hellsweeper VR's Gameplay

Utilize swords, guns and magic in a rogue like game to rid the evils of hell. Giant hordes of enemies will attack and the players must utilize various different weapons in solo or co-op. Over 18 maps are part of the campaign and 10 different enemy types.

Hellsweeper VR Official Summary

"From the makers of Sairento VR comes a first person action- combat game that descends you into hell. In Hellsweeper VR you traverse the demonic dimensions, wield weapons with deadly precision, command the forces of telekinesis and muster mystical powers to wipe out your twisted enemies. Reap your rewards, upgrade your skills, and choose your fate as you experiment with unique combat variations and start to discover what being a Hellsweeper means to you"

Hellsweeper VR Commentary

Hellsweeper VR Cover Art

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